The IDDRC@WUSTL is composed of an Administrative Core, along with three scientific core facilities.  The Administrative Core functions as an integrative hub, exercises oversight and quality control, and is structured to stimulate new scientific initiatives, to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction, and to lead the dissemination of new knowledge to fellow scientists, trainees and to all stakeholders in the community.

The three scientific cores are:

  • A Model Systems Core for modeling the effects of deleterious genetic and environmental influences on the developing brain
  • A Developmental Neuroimaging Core for imaging the brain in vivo over the course of development in humans and in rodents
  • A Clinical Translational Core which seeks to translate discoveries on pathogenic mechanisms into preventive or therapeutic interventions for patients and individuals-at-risk

Each of the three core facilities contains units that deliver the specific services provided by the Center, and all unit and core leaders meet bimonthly as the Executive Committee of the Center.