The center is led by two Co-Directors and two Associate Directors whose clinical and scientific background spans key elements of the investigative emphasis of the Center.


John. N. Constantino, MD

A Co-Director of the Center since 2013, Dr. John Constantino is a child psychiatrist and pediatrician with special expertise in genetic epidemiology.  He is the Blanche F. Ittleson Professor of Psychiatry, Head of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Director of the Social and Developmental Studies Laboratory.

Christina A. Gurnett, MD, PhD

A Co-Director of the Center since 2019, and a Co-Director of the Clinical Translational Core since 2015, Dr. Christina Gurnett is is a child neurologist with expertise in neurogenetics, epilepsy, and functional genomics.  She is the A Ernest and Jane G Stein Professor of Developmental Neurology, Head of the Division of Pediatric Neurology, Co-Director of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS), and Co-PI of the Gurnett and Dobbs Laboratory.

Associate Directors

Joshua Rubin MD, PhD

Dr. Joshua Rubin is Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience with special expertise in normal brain development, clinical trials and neuro-oncology. He is also director of the  Rubin Laboratory.

Cynthia Rogers, MD

Dr. Cynthia Rogers is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry with special expertise in developmental neuroimaging, perinatal insults to the developing brain, and preventive intervention for maternal-child dyads at extreme-high-risk on the basis of psychosocial adversity.  She is also Co-PI of the WUNDER Laboratory.