The Developmental Neuroimaging Core (DNC) is integral to the rapid growth in our understanding of the brain’s structure and function during typical and atypical development. The Washington University School of Medicine is an international hub for the advancement and refinement of neuroimaging as a technological tool and this modality is in wide use in human pre-clinical and clinical studies at WUSTL. The DNC capitalizes upon this infrastructure in ways that specifically optimize utilization of its resources and people to advance IDD science. The breadth of DNC activity includes the incorporation of animal imaging through a state-of-the-art preclinical imaging facility and human imaging through a plethora of high-end human imaging systems.

The Specific Aims of the DNC, which are designed to accelerate advances in neuroimaging, are:

  • Aim 1: To provide services to the IDDRC community to facilitate the use of magnetic resonance imaging and optical imaging techniques in both preclinical and clinical studies
  • Aim 2: To pursue technical development to advance IDD research