Welcome to the Washington University Intellectual and Developmental Disability Research Center (WUIDDRC) website. The WUIDDRC, with its partner St. Louis Children’s Hospital, is the latest center to receive funding in order to expand the Centers of Excellence for research in mental retardation and developmental disabilities established by Congress in 1963. The IDDRCs are the nation’s first and foremost sustained effort to prevent and treat developmental disabilities through biomedical and behavioral research. In addition to WUIDDRC, there are 15 nationally funded IDDRCs located at the nation’s top universities and children’s hospitals. As a new center, the WUIDDRC is dedicated to improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities through a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that enhances research, clinical care and community coordination. 

The mission of the WUIDDRC is to promote cutting-edge innovation in research related to developmental disabilities. It incorporates a mechanism for effective, regular and vigorous communication coordination with scientists in other organizations, clinical providers for children with developmental disabilities and the local community. We seek to focus a wealth of talent on intellectual and developmental disabilities and stimulate advances by creating collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that will augment research and clinical care to improve the lives of children with developmental disabilities.