MIR Facilities Funds and IDDRC@WUSTL Pilot Funds have been exhausted for FY 2017. Availability of funds in future fiscal years will be announced when available.

Pilot Funding Opportunity Available Through IDDRC@WUSTL

The Washington University Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC@WUSTL) is accepting applications for pilot funding relevant to IDD research. Eligible applicants must be IDDRC Member Investigators (non-members can apply for membership here), and funding will be allocated with the expectation that the pilot data will be incorporated into a subsequent NIH R-award (or equivalent) application relevant to IDD research.

There are multiple potential sources of pilot funding for IDD-related research. The first two sources are IDDRC-specific:

1) MIR Facilities-IDDRC Pilot Program: ($15,000 maximum in vouchers per award to obtain scans through the Developmental Neuroimaging Core, which includes both human and small animal brain imaging). These funds are administered through the MIR-JIT application process; project title MUST Begin with “IDDRC Pilot Study: [Study title here]” to ensure that the application is reviewed under a special category for IDDRC-allocated funds.

2) IDDRC@WUSTL Pilot Funding – ($15,000 maximum per award) – To utilize IDDRC Cores or fill gaps in pilot budget not covered under other funds

Other important sources to leverage IDDRC resources: (If applicants are submitting IDD-related proposals to these non-IDDRC sources, please forward a copy of your application materials to iddrc@kids.wustl.edu so that IDDRC Navigators can help support your application.)

3) ICTS Just in Time (JIT) Grants ($5,000 maximum per award) – Vouchers for ICTS Core Services including biostatistics

4) McDonnell Center New Resource Proposals – These are more flexible funds with higher award totals designed for larger pilot projects related to Systems Neuroscience research.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the IDDRC Faculty Navigators (Christina Lessov-Schlaggar and Susan Culican) for questions.

Explicit instructions for each of these resources and the IDDRC@WUSTL Pilot Request Form can be found through the IDDRC@WUSTL pilot submission checklist. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. IDDRC pilot funds may be contingent on approval from other resources. Please submit any questions regarding this announcement to IDDRC@kids.wustl.edu.

Current Funded Pilot Studies

Reducing frame-by-frame head motion during MRI scanning through a novel framewise displacement (FD) head motion feedback training program for children.
Investigator: Nico Dosenbach. Funding Support: MIR Facilities, IDDRC Pilot Funds.

Toddler social motivation and communication.
Investigator: John Pruett. Funding Support: IDDRC Pilot Funds.

Characterizing the individualized functional connectome in development.
Investigator: Nico Dosenbach. Funding Support: MIR Facilities, IDDRC Pilot Funds.

Characterizing the typical development of neuroanatomy related to semantic and syntactic processing.
Investigator: Deanna Greene. Funding Support: MIR Facilities.

Using Dyadic Head Mounted Eye‐Tracking to Investigate Joint Visual Attention and Word Learning in Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Investigator: Brad Schlaggar. Funding Support: MIR Facilities.

Comparative Ethology in Microcephaly
Investigator: Mike Gaffrey. Funding Support: IDDRC Pilot Funds.

Cerebral Metabolism and Functional Network Architecture in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease
Investigator: Nico Dosenbach. Funding Support: MIR Facilities, IDDRC Pilot Funds.

MR Imaging of PKU Mice.
Investigator: Desiree White/Joel Garbow. Funding Suport: MIR Facilities

Resting State Functional Imaging After Surgery for Epilepsy
Investigator: Melanie Fields. Funding Support: MIR Facilities, IDDRC Pilot Funds.

Evaluating HIE using DOT
Investigator: Chris Smyser. Funding Support: IDDRC Pilot Funds.