Functional Genomics and the Path from Genetic Variation to Clinical Translation

2nd Annual Cross-Disciplinary Symposium on the State of Science, Technology, and Capacity at Washington University in St. Louis

Friday, June 16, 2017, 1:00-5:00 PM
Moore Auditorium, WUSM-North Building
Reception to follow


Speakers and Topics

Dean David Perlmutter, MD: A Vision for Personalized Medicine at Washington University
F. Sessions Cole, MD: Bottlenecks in Interpretation of Variants of Undiagnosed Disease in Newborns

Session 1: Experimental Validation of Variants

Gary Silverman, MD, PhD: Functional Genomic Assays in C. elegans
Lila Solnica-Krezel, PhD: Functional Genomic Assays in Zebrafish
Barak Cohen, PhD: Cell-Based Functional Genomic Assays
Panel Discussion: Matchmaking Clinicians and Scientists for Designing and Performing Functional Genetic Screens. Co-led by Xiaoxia Cui, PhD, Chris Gurnett, MD, PhD, and Session 1 Speakers

Session 2: Translating Variant Knowledge from Bench to Bedside (and Back Again)

Nate Stitziel, MD, PhD: Harnessing the Human Clinical Phenotype as an Axis of Validation
Philip Payne, PhD: The Role of Informatics in Leveraging Functional Genomic Information for the Development of Novel Therapies
Susan Dutcher, PhD: Perspectives on the Role of Functional Validation in the Gene Discovery Process
Panel Discussion: Gene Variant Knowledge and an Impending Revolution in Patient Care. Co-led by Laura Bierut, MD, Jon Heusel, MD, PhD, Dave Spencer, MD, PhD, Don Conrad, PhD, and Session 2 Speakers

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