Administrative Core

Cultivation of the IDDRC

The Administrative Core is responsible for the strategic direction of the IDDRC, management of its financial resources, and cultivating critical lines of IDD research at Washington University, along the Center’s four scientific themes.

Faculty Navigators

The navigators are experts in scientific disciplines related to IDD research. They allocate a portion of their time to the cultivation of interdisciplinary IDD research and introduce WUSTL faculty investigators to the resources of the IDDRC. Navigators provide the following services to the WUSTL community:

  • Assistance in the development of pilot studies and cross-disciplinary research efforts to address critical unanswered questions in IDD research
  • Presentations to departments and other groups about the work of the IDDRC and how to access IDDRC resources
  • One-on-one introductions to the IDDRC for new investigators and consultations regarding potential utilization of IDDRC Core Services


The Administrative Core is responsible for the dissemination of translational advances and novel scientific techniques to the scientific community. This is achieved within the institution through several regularly recurring lecture series. In addition, the Administrative Core sponsors and develops major symposia that address major topics in IDD research along the discovery frontier.

Pilot Funding

The IDDRC utilizes matching institutional resources to aid in the gathering of Pilot Funding that will guide the development of more substantive scientific efforts in critically-needed areas of IDD research.


The Administrative Core maintains open lines of communication with its investigators and with the Community. This occurs through our website, newsletters for member investigators and an online dashboard which serves as a means by which to monitor the progress of the IDDRC with respect to its research activity, publications, and translational advances.

National Research Collaboration

The Core maintains close working relationships with the leadership of the 14 other U.S. Kennedy Centers through regular teleconferences, an annual national meeting, and a host of active collaborative research efforts.

Specific Aims of the Administrative Core

  1. To sustain an effective system of management of the day-to-day operation of the Center’s funds and resources.
  2. To systematically cultivate the functioning of the IDDRC as an integrated Center.
  3. To solicit and incorporate the input of the major advisory bodies of the IDDRC.
  4. To manage effectively the interface of the IDDRC with external entities.

Director of the IDDRC@WUSTL

John N. Constantino, MD
Blanche F. Ittlesson Professor of Psychiatry

Program Manager

Daniel Gray, MSW